1 February - 22 February

Geometric shapes are a common thread throughout Anders Olsson’s artistic practice. With the exhibition “Konigt” (conical) he allows the cone to take centre stage. Perhaps we have seen it before in jewellery, but certainly not so often within the context of furniture and maybe it is the furniture that is the most surprising- for we have ever met a silversmith who creates furniture?



With the cone as the base, Anders Olsson creates both small and large tables, and benches. He is also exhibiting jewellery and candleholders. The materials are stone, wood and metals such as, gold, silver, iron, copper and brass.

Anders Olsson gets his inspiration from everyday life in the city. He likes to turn existing objects on their heads and find new uses. The function is always as important as the shape.


It is perhaps not surprising that he fills his life with two professions, as hairdresser and as silversmith. Anders Olsson often finds inspiration for earrings that suit a hairstyle while he is cutting hair. Two professions are parts make up a whole. The creative process is continually on going.