Bibi van der Velden
& Sabina Kasper

27 August - 31 August

During an exclusive evening we meet two interesting artist who challenge the conservative art of jewellery, Sabina Kasper and Bibi van der Velden.

The latest addition to our gallery, Sabina Kasper, does not allow the traditions of precious materials to slow her down, instead she dares to find her own way through printing, laser engraving, adding perfume or perforating the materials. In her collections you will discover a range from graffiti-patterned beads to gemstone cartridges.

For this occasion Sabina has invited by her friend Bibi van der Velden, a shining star in the international art and design sky.

Bibi makes amazing jewellery with sculptural qualities and antique materials, such as, Chinese jade, historic Italian corals and mammoth ivory found in the Russian tundra.

Born in New York and raised in London and the Netherlands, her fascination with cultural artefacts stems from her international upbringing. Her mother was a sculptor and Bibi was introduced to the art world at an early age. In addition, she has completed extensive studies at the Florence Academy of Arts (1998), Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (1999) and the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague (2000-2005).

In 2006 Bibi launched her first jewellery collection, which became a huge success. Her jewellery has been exhibited in London, Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles, and was included during Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Her creations are sold in stores such as Dover Street Market in London, L’Eclaireur in Paris, Estanation in Tokyo and Luisa via Roma in Florence.

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Welcome Tuesday 28/8, at 4-8 pm. The creations will be on display until 1st September.