Celadon Seas, från Barriärrev till Barents hav

13 September - 2 October

Internationally renowned Australian artist Pamela Wilson is visiting Sebastian Schildt + this fall with her textiles woven with both metal and golden flax threads. Textiles so large, they can brighten an entire wall. In the exhibition, she also has presents her jewellery, woven into the perfect fit.


In her works, Pamela Wilson has the sea message. Her childhood years spent along the Barrier Reef have left their mark. As a child she could never get enough of the colour variations offered by the sea and the waves. Blue and grey hues are recurrent in all her works.

But perhaps it is the cool grey-green colour that Pamela Wilson uses most.

- I chose the colour again and again, and I tried to understand where it came from. I looked to the sea and to the woods but did not find it. Then one day I was standing in front of a fragrant eucalyptus tree and there it was!


I later discovered that it is also the exact colour that the Chinese used on their pottery , says Pamela Wilson.



Pamela Wilson was born Australia, where she went on to study textiles, silver and goldsmithing. She has been living in Sweden since 1987. Throughout her career, she has worked in a variety of materials such as silver, aluminium, iron, copper, plastic and paper. In recent years she has moved on to the finest of linen and silk threads. Pamela Wilson creates her textiles and jewellery using textile techniques including weaving, knitting and stitching.


Pamela Wilson says :

” The textile techniques and my choice of materials allow me to work spontaneously in both large and small forms which can create the vibrant effects that reflect the energy found in the seas around us. ”