17 April - 10 May


Welcome to the third and final part of goldsmith Michael Persson Carling’s trilogy about the Last Supper.


For Michael Persson Carling the last supper is history’s greatest party. Unlike many others who associate it with sadness and heavy significance, Michael Persson Carling sees the Last Supper as the end of a period, but at the same time the beginning of a new one.

Michael Persson Carling is goldsmith based in Gothenburg. He has created party hats for the twelve disciples, but feels that each communicant really should wear them. ” The Eucharist is the party everyone has a standing invitation to”


For the exhibition at Sebastian Schildt +, he is showing all three parts of the trilogy; Party Hats, Avtryck/Imprint and You ‘re Invited to encourage new discussions. Discussions that never would have taken place without the trilogy.


The central place in the last part of the trilogy about Party Hats is taken by a recently written book; a readable and wearable piece of jewellery about the Eucharist and the mystery faith that has brought Michael Person Carling such acclaim.


The gallery Sebastian Schildt + welcomes the exhibition and canvases also up Michael Persson Carling precious stone encrusted jewellery, where rings and hand jewellery are his main hallmark.