On the Edge

14 March - 11 April

On The Edge

What is a knife?

An indispensable tool used by people for over 2 million years and once the most valuable thing that you could own.

An object that appears in ancient myths and fairy tales often as the symbol of sacrifice and death, surrounded by mysticism and romance, magic and enchantment?

A status symbol, a symbol of power and virility. An object that was used in initiation rites for young boys who stepped in adulthood.

Or perhaps as today, they are trivial kitchen utensils that just must be readily available and are often quite dull.

The opinions are many, but the fact is that the knife’s history is both long, hugely eventful and also reflects great craftsmanship.

And it is precisely the incredible craftsmanship that we want to put at the centre of this exhibition. An art that is sometimes described as a craft made by passionate enthusiasts to delight other like-minded people. A craft that is a bit on the outskirts of the contemporary and established handcrafts.

At the same time, it is actually a craft that unites all craftsmanship and diverse materials concentrated in to one and the same object: steel, stone, horn, wood, leather, plastic, precious metals, precious stones. Wrought iron, woodcarving, engraving, stone grinding, sculpting, etc.…

We have invited six internationally acclaimed knife makers who both renew this craft and prove that it can still be both innovative and edgy.

Meet Pär Olof Eklund, Nils Kohring, Gunter Lobach, Richard Perman, Thomas Rashke and André Rybak in the exhibition “On the Edge”