15 March - 5 April


When the artist Helena Bengtsson put scissors to paper curiosity and creativity were awakened. From her textile techniques and traditions, she found endless opportunities to create patterned surfaces in paper. Helena Bengtsson quickly realized that in order to get anywhere she had to limit herself. And when she chose to work with circles and triangles, everything fell into place. With the geometric shapes, she could create endless structures. And here was where the meticulous designer emerged. With patience and persistence she carefully stitches together the paper fragments together. Elements that together create a whole. Which in their turn become works of art.


Helena Bengtsson prefers to create her paper artworks in natural shades of white and brown. She mixes thin and thick paper. The raw materials for her artwork come from the paper mills in her home district of Värmland. Industries that produce cartons, corrugated and other packaging materials around the clock.

With a smile, Helena Bengtsson tells of how her ideas were met by question marks from the paper mills. But they generously shared their materials and when the results began to appear, they awakened an inquisitive interest within the quantity and profit -oriented industry.


At a time when words like “local” and “locally grown” have become catchphrases, it is perhaps not surprising that our emotions are stirred when we see the paper artwork Helena Bengtsson creates. In addition to their simple beauty, they are made of paper that had once been fir and pine. Moreover, they are works of art made ​​of a material that is generally considered to be expendable supplies which have found their way into the finer rooms. Artwork in a simple, natural and durable material – it could not come at a better time.

Helena Bengtsson trained in textile design at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås and has collaborated with companies such as Rörstrand , Almedahls , Mille Notti and Klässbols Linneväveri . She has also distinguished herself as a leading figure in Swedish handcraft where she as a Slöjdjuls fellow at Nordiska Museet in 2002 exhibited her work in leather, inspired by the museum’s collections . The exhibition “Paper Love” at Sebastian Schildt + is Helena Bengtsson’s first solo exhibition of her works in paper. Helena Bengtsson, as textile artist, is widely represented in museums, public spaces, and exhibitions throughout Sweden.