Ru Runeberg, Insects

5 October - 6 October

On October 6 to 7 Galleri Sebastian Schildt + will be visited by Finnish silversmith Ru Runeberg.

The exhibition “Insects” plays with our fascination with insects and also illustrates that all is not as it seems at first glance. For those who take the time, Ru Runeberg’s handcrafted insects offer more to discover.

Silver artist and gallerist Sebastian Schildt explains how Ru Runeberg is successfully able to combine both sculpture and applied art, in his very own way. – He plays with the viewer and does not serve everything on a tray. Many of those who walk past Ru Runeberg sculptural insects do not suspect that they also have a function. The objects are fascinating artefacts. In addition, he manages to combine two classic materials in a very exciting way, says Sebastian Schildt.

Ru Runeberg likes to mix glass and silver; two completely different traditional crafts. Silver takes a long time to fashion while glass only has a few seconds to find its form. The silver dominates Runeberg’s objects but the glass lifts the artwork and provides a splash of colour. Runeberg has the glass blown at the Notsjö Glassworks, the historic factory that still manufactures Ittala glass. To achieve the perfect shape, he sands and polish all his glass by himself. He then moves on to working with the silver.

Runeberg finds his inspiration in nature, but he is happy to stylize its forms. – But the biggest difference is probably that the insect inspired sculptures are tens of times larger than the insects found in nature, says Ru Runeberg.