25 April - 16 May


The exhibition TRANSPARENT presents well-known sites in Stockholm, which are combined with everyday objects in a new and unexpected way. Two German artists, silversmith Thomas Raschke and photographer Tobias Hofsäss, who both live and work in Stockholm, present objects and images that comment on familiar places and behaviours.


Raschkes sculptures in natural scale made of iron wire meet Hofsäss ghostly cityscapes in subtle black / white photography. Together they create unforgettable and remarkable impressions.


TRANSPARENT is an exhibition that ironically looks at the process of integrating with a culture that is not one’s own. It also tells of the Swedish principle of openness based on which all social interaction presupposes transparency. Do Swedes live an IKEA-inspired one-size-fits-all-lifestyle in a country where you can find out everything about almost everyone? Or is it just an illusion?

The exhibition was previously shown in London and Berlin. We now have the chance to discover ourselves in a total transparency.